Spill the Tea With Cedes

Jennifer Hudson Nasty Breakup Jennifer Hudson claims her ex is a liar who is ruining her career. Jennifer asked a judge for an emergency protection order to stop David Otunga’s “continued efforts to place [her] in a bad light and tarnish her reputation,” according to other sources. She alleged her...
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Run-DMC Sues Amazon & Walmart!

Well, people need to be real careful on what they take.. I mean barrow. Amazon & Walmart are the latest companies to be sued this time is by the rap mogul group Run-DMC. According to CNN, Run-DMC says in the suit that it has made $100 million on trademarked products over the years, including a...
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WATCH - Shoplifting Man Gets Away On Mobility Scooter #STUPID NEWS

This is what happens when Walmart gets FAST and FURIOUS, baby. A guy who looks like he's in his 40s stole a bunch of stuff from a Walmart in Tucson, Arizona earlier this month by putting it in the basket of his mobility scooter. It seems like he needed the scooter for an injury, because he had...
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