YouTube star Logan Paul Posts Video With Suicide Victim

YouTube star Logan Paul faced backlash after posting video from Japan’s Suicide Forest that included footage of a dead body. The 22-year-old vlogger posted a 15-minute video from Japan’s Aokigahara forest, known as the “Suicide Forest” for the number of suicides attempted and committed there. About...
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Dispensary: Wiz Khalifa's Breaks New Record

Wiz Khalifa broke a 5 year record Tuesday with his "See You Again" music video, from the Fast and The Furious 7 Soundtrack making it the most viewed video on youtube with 2,895,915,000 views. Wiz beats out American Idol alum, Psy with his "Gangnam Style" music video which now has been demoted to...
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WATCH - Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Chased By An Elephant - EXPLICIT #CTandB

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was on safari in South Africa recently when an elephant charged his vehicle, and it WAS a serious situation. The elephant checked them out for a bit, and then started to walk away. But it hadn't lost interest . . . it was preparing to come at them. Fortunately, their driver...
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