Spill the Tea With Cedes: Applebee's $1 Long Island Ice Tea

Applebee's is making sure they keep their customers happy. If you remember the news broke about their $1 margaritas a few months ago and people went crazy for them. Applebee's is now serving the classic long island ice teas for a $1. The president of Applebees said “The Dollar L.I.T. is kind to...
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Drinking Moscow Mules Might Be Slowly Poisoning You?

Moscow mules might be POISONING you. Apparently when you drink an acidic drink out of a copper mug, it can lead to copper poisoning. So try to limit how many of them you drink . . . or drink them out of regular glasses.
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Did You Know A Pinch Of Salt Can Make Coffee Taste Better?

Hot coffee tastes more bitter so let it cool down for a few minutes.....And if you add....
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