KS 1075 Morning Show

M-F 6AM-10AM

The New KS 1075 Morning Show with Tony V, Cedes and DJ Chonz.

Tony V

Awards:  2016 CBA Best Afternoon Show 2014 CBA Radio Station Of The Year 98.5 KYGO, 2014 Employee Of The Year, 2013 Radio Station of the year KS1075 Marconi Award, CBA 2012 Best Station Sponsored Community Event Tony V’s Annual Food Drive, CBA 2009 Best Midday Show.

Cause You Most Believe In: I believe in family first. My wife Amy, kids (Dene, Adriann, Elijah) and my Grand Kids (Jaden 8 and Liam 4) are my world. We have a tight bond with awesome family values. I also believe in youth and their educational needs. I came from a low-income housing project. Through my experiences, I know what it is to have needs from family support to financial aid. Radio has allowed me to be a voice and do volunteer work in the community to get kids connected to receive proper services which are vital to their success.

Local Charity Involvement: I actively volunteer in the community with The Boys and Girls Club od Metro Denver, The Latin American Educational Foundation. Prodigal Son's Youth Initiative, Giving Heart Denver, Hope House; and The Tony V"/KS1075 Annual Food Drive which benefits the Food Bank Of The Rockies. I also do public speaking engagements at local schools and churches.

I'm what people call the "The Hometown Homeboy” I was raised in Southwest Denver. I started at the local R&B station (AM 1510 KDKO) in 1993 as an intern. I would call the night DJ and do voice impressions and bits. Two weeks into my internship, the station owner happened to be listening and he liked what I did, so he hired me to do the night show as a co-host the next day. I actually fell in love with radio for the first time when I was old enough to listen. (About 6 years old.)

Ya' Girl Cedes

Cedes is the third generation in her family to make a mark as a radio personality. Growing up around radio greats - grandparents who broke the color line both on-air and in management on Alabama radio, and a father with a 40-year run on air in San Diego - was her impetus to pursue an education and career in radio. Much like her family members, Cedes’ career has been a series of impressive moves. While still in college, she landed her first job as a traffic reporter. The next big jump was to host her own weekend shows on San Diego’s Channel 93.3. She moved up at that station to co-host the Frankie V’s Neighborhood night show. And after a 6-year run in San Diego, and at only 23, Ya Girl Cedes became the first African American woman to host her own radio night show in Denver, weeknights on KS1075.


Community involvement is perhaps the most important legacy Cedes carries on from her father. She is driven to reach out to, work with and motivate kids. “I am really just a kid at heart, and I love being able to use my connections with big artists as a way to encourage kids to be all that they can.” Fully committed to Denver’s youth, Cedes finds numerous ways to engage with them. Her annual “Jam in the Gym” on-air promotion exposes high school students to working at the radio station, promotes school pride in a competition, and rewards the big winners with a concert by a celebrity musical artist at their local school. Cedes also works on Denver’s First Lady’s “Bring Back the Arts” music performance event, a $1000 live concert competition for original music composed by Denver Public School kids. As host of these and many other local events, Cedes has made a mark on the hot Denver entertainment scene. In the studio or in front of huge crowds, Cedes keeps the party rocking!

DJ Chonz

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Mario Rodriguez came into a world filled with the culture off the streets. Although living under the guidance of his devout Catholic parents, Rodriguez dabbled in everything the streets had to offer from gang life to hip-hop." " Thanks to his older brother Delfino, a graffiti artist and break dancer (b-boy), Rodriguez went route of hip-hop, a culture born on the streets but brought out the creative nature of its participants." " Rodriguez experimented in each of the four elements of hip-hop culture: b-boying, graffiti art, emceeing (rapping) and DJing. While exceling at hip-hop, he needed an appropriate nickname. Delfino was called Fienz on the streets, but Delfino and his friends had a special name for Rodriguez." " “My brother’s friends used to come over to the house when I was in junior high,” says Chonz. “There were no boxers back then really, so I wore whitey tighties, and when they would come over, they’d say, ‘Yo, chones (a Mexican slang word for underwear), go put some clothes on!’ I used to kick it in my chones, take out the trash in my chones, so my name was chones for awhile. Then people just started calling me Chonz.”" " Now christened with a nickname, Rodriguez gravitated towards DJing. Inspired by the local Denver DJs, DJ Chonz practiced and honed his skills in his basement for two years before coming out to compete in DJ competition. When he won a local radio DJ competition in 1996 after being undefeated for consecutive weeks, DJ Chonz’s star began to rise on the Denver hiphop scene." " The win earned him a 30-minute and then a 60-minute segment on the hip-hop radio program “Eclipse: Shedding of a Blacker Light on KGNU” and he was invited to compete in regional and national DJ competitions such as the DMC Mixing Championships, Guitar Center Mixing Championships and the Lowrider-sponsored DJing competitions. The competitions opened the door for Chonz to share the stage with such hip-hop luminaries as Dr. Dre, Eminem, Slick Rick, The Roots, Snoop Dogg as well as tour with De La Soul, Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon and Baby Bash." " After making so much noise on the local scene, in 2001 Denver’s largest hip-hop station KS107.5 (KQKS-FM) allowed Chonz and local personalities Francois Baptiste and Kingdom to launch the Radio Bums Mixtape Show, a specialty hip-hop show on Sunday nights. Because of the popularity of the show and Chonz’s skills on the turntable, KS107.5 recruited him to mix live in the studio for the weekend party mix and during the afternoon drive, making him the first DJ to ever mix live on commercial radio in Denver. Thus opening the door for Chonz to be the very first Denver Nuggets DJ."

Today, with 20 years of experience, he’s the most recognizable DJ in Colorado and surrounding states. Over the years he’s led the station to No. 1 rankings in various categories including afternoon and night host for the 18-34 demographic from 2009 to 2015." He’s won numerous awards from Denver’s alt-weekly Westword’s “Best of …” issues including Best Hip-Hop DJ, Best Denver Radio and Best Online Radio show for a daily mix he streamed live on the internet. He was also awarded Best Afternoon Show from the Colorado Broadcast Awards in 2010. In 2015 Chonz was voted Top 25 Young Professional by ColoradoBiz Magazine" " DJ Chonz also continues to dominate the nightclub scene in Denver as well as consistent events in Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix and Los Angeles." " When he’s not on the road or in the studio, giving back to the community is important to DJ Chonz. Especially when he can lead young people to find positive life direction from music. This is his forth year working with CU’s Summer Industry Music Program, where he is involved with providing scholarships for high school students to attend.

In 2017 the University Of Colorado Denver commissioned DJ Chonz to be apart of their #CUINTHECITY campaign where currently Chonz greets you at Denver International Airport.
 In 2017 DJ Chonz opened the Blend DJ Institute (DJ School) in Denver to teach the art of DJing to youth and those wanting hone their skills.

Chonz is thankful to have a voice to impact so many. He says “it’s a blessing to be able to provide for his fiancé and two little girls doing what he loves to do.”