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KS1075 Morning After 3-31

CT&B: Justin Beiber roast, Kevin Hart , Martha Stewart etc came out to enjoy this hilarious roast. What is the most expensive thing you bought and what you think is too expensive.

Posted 3/31/2015 8:33:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-30

CT&B Chris Browns Ex talks to media; Uh-oh these eye brows are getting out of control. Kathie J had a crazy weekend in New York; Summer Jam is coming

Posted 3/30/2015 4:22:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-27

CT&B: Askmen names their 99 most outstanding women, Barbershop 3,Jason Durelo learning about other women now. Night vision in your eyes, bugs for protein,

Posted 3/27/2015 8:19:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-26

CT&B:Lil Wayne and Christina Milian being nice to each other,Zane Malik drops out of One Direction, Chelsea Handler and Bill Cosby. Tinder Nightmares

Posted 3/26/2015 8:30:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-25

Larry is back after being sick and busting head open; Have you ever had to have that talk with your child at a young age? CT&B: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart get ready for new movie

Posted 3/25/2015 5:00:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-24

Larry needed staples; What time did you blackout and hurt yourself; CT&B Vin Diesel names daughter after Paul Walker

Posted 3/24/2015 5:00:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-19

CT&B: T.i being sued by Marvin Gaye's family also, Drake canceling a movie that he is in, Sharknado three. Millennial s math challenge, Caller vs Wig'nz

Posted 3/19/2015 8:34:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-18

Are you being forced off of the bed at night?; CT&B Chris Brown brings his daughter to show; Wig'nz cant spell so we have another spelling bee.

Posted 3/18/2015 5:10:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-17

CT&B; Justin Bieber roast but Paul Walker jokes were thrown out, Ashton Kutcher petition to add changing stations in Targets; Wig'nz has another Millennials spelling bee

Posted 3/17/2015 8:30:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-16

CT&B Bieber Roast Lines Leaked; Millennials are not that smart compared to the world; Wig'nz has a spelling bee contest with a fellow millennial; Junk Transplant

Posted 3/16/2015 5:22:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-13

CT&B: Diddy making a comeback, Kathie Griffin leaves fashion police,Jimmy Kimmel has Obama read mean tweets. Powdered alcohol FDA approved,New Star wars to be like Marvel.

Posted 3/13/2015 8:30:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-12

CT&B Lindsey Lohan caught saying the N word after Kanye concert, Waka Flaka vs News and him cancelling his show. The Nanny being called mom and how others feel about it.

Posted 3/12/2015 8:36:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-10

CT&B: Harrison Ford's wife says he cant fly anymore, Nick having problems with getting his share of 9 million mansion. How did you find out your spouse was cheating on you?

Posted 3/10/2015 8:58:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-9

Stupid News: Guy calls 911 because wife stole his coke.
CT&B: Suge Knight car accident tape leaked. Chris Brown baby mama drama. Workplace accidents increase after daylight savings. What is the one name brand thing you couldn't have?

Posted 3/9/2015 8:49:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-6

CT&B: Update on Chris Brown being a Daddy: What is your most embarrassing story

Posted 3/6/2015 5:20:00 AM


Ks1075 Morning After 3-5

CT&B: Chris brown had a love child, Karrueche has left him...for now. Peyton manning signed with Broncos again,
Average sized men...a dollar bill can give you a visual

Posted 3/5/2015 8:36:00 AM


KS1075 Morning after 3-4

CT&B: Chris Brown has 9 month old daughter. New Bill Cosby allegations. Do you know people who talk to much? How attractive are you when drinking?

Posted 3/4/2015 9:11:00 AM


Ks1075 Morning After 3-3

CT&B: Iggy and Swaggy P get slammed by ESPN reporter, Wiz has a new song, Is it dissing Amber,Kanye gives a speech. Pie, and a woman leaved her husband and signs a year lease for her new place.

Posted 3/3/2015 8:35:00 AM


KS1075 Morning After 3-2

CT&B: Rihanna and Leo finally seen together. Justin Bieber celebrates 21st birthday. Stupid News: Girl fakes her own kidnapping. When doing good things goes wrong. What type of lingerie do Colorado women wear the most.

Posted 3/2/2015 8:36:00 AM


Ks1075 Morning After 2-27

CT&B: Kanye west apologies, Lupita pearl dress stolen, 100 million split for kardashains'. Edible coffee cup , special kisses, and Public School closed yesterday

Posted 2/27/2015 8:33:00 AM