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Morning After 1-Gain_01-18-17

Friday, January 20th
In Kathie J StupidNews fleeing robbery suspect leaves baby behind in car. In CT&B will Donald Trump dance with Caitlyn Jenner Whats your go to drunk jam? #...

Morning After 1-19-17

Thursday, January 19th
In Kathie j Stupid news perv busted for masturbating behind women in target, squirted hair conditioner on them. In CT&B Future & Ciara settle custody...

Morning After 1-18-17

Wednesday, January 18th
In Kathie J Stupid News weird story of a cup that lead cops to robbery. In CT&B Lamar Odom speaks out he wants his wife back. Have you ever took something...

Morning After 1-17-17

Tuesday, January 17th
In Kathie J Stupid News Teen rescused after locking herself in a cell inside shuttered joliet prison. In CT&B Soulja Boy drops Chris Brown and 50 cent diss...

Morning after 1-13-17

Friday, January 13th
In Kathie j Stupid news a Woman tries to smuggle her boyfriend out of jail in a suite case In CT&B Jaden Smith talks about disappointing his dad. Ever had...

Morning after 1-12-17

Thursday, January 12th
In kathie j stupid news wedding horror storymade of gets drunk! In CT&B Drake buys jlo something Broncos hire head coach#ks1075