Younger looking Genitals

Thursday, February 16th


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I I guess yeah. Would Larry you're very Tony dean for Kathy. I'd check this out Tony the newest trend is flash freezing your genitalia will. I also don't forget we've got negative future amigos at Torrey lanes tickets go on sale this Friday went before you combine them right so here's the deal. This is new trend and it's caused flash freezing your genitalia. And it makes it look younger. And it makes sex feel better OK okay so the trend is actually called genitalia freezing. And it's where you pay a spot to blast your junk guy or girl with mist made from liquid nitrogen. And it can use the year can tell you the appearance. Of a younger look. The makes a sex feel better so. I I don't know like just really kind of like aged like I don't know I mean. I guess I mean I anyway he Ali got it right into right you know clearly scope a lot of old d'Italia you know announced like now what happens to it. It's like if you go they Graham look and I Ernie gravel what's going on them right. And then I guess what's while Blake. You might see something if you go to the gym locker room Seagram bought dragon. His jog on the floor is in his knees right. So many. Regularly give living is if you're trying to get the wrinkles out you're gonna be there all day on some Google. Is due to his tickets apple wrinkles. To face tighter and Republican lower again to jump lists or. Lady left it a much like this is happening all over. And I guess like the called rush gets your blood flowing which makes you extra turn on me should do better and also responds of the cold. By boosting your collagen levels down there okay which makes your job would be younger and bigger and better. More youthful and vibrant tighter skin wow it's sixty bucks. Good luck trying to find that. Either and hope it like you have to cholera at a different spas like you're the trees and genitalia what clicked. Keep on you know these engines OK hello click. Board president Monica Friedman balls. Up. Can't do. Things come your. Yeah.