Would you rather

Wednesday, March 15th


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I next. All right it's time to play would you rather we got some real good ones and in rank means he does some good stuff who's this. Elena. I got to would you rather for you okay and would you rather only listen to Taylor Swift music or only be able to where Taylor swift's outfits. It it it. I even look ridiculous sneaky right like my left thigh couldn't fit whenever out at me. And our dates of the car. Thank you I can't tourism by the news this outcome may may recall from foreign. How does green it would not be allowed to get there. We'll talk whisper. I don't know it. Under the lord you know and lower and murdered her and whisper. I know some rain so you had to cheese and now you need help for the rest your live for only whisper earlier we whisper. Yeah I would I would assume actually playing out you eat yet but you're never gonna be easy you're never going to be able to save anybody before the hit by car. You guy. And I more so are there aren't aren't you are a lot about marks yet go with her right eye. It gives them if you give each is the idea of dying of the word it like at nightclubs. And here are based on a. Right on man appreciate the cup thank you but I guess tourism by business. Got our men here's your would you rather I would do it. Would you rather have to make out who is dealing or the shag Manning. Do you think the shag management you'd rather make out and hung up god. I'll feel that he's got to jewelry it at least I got a nice guy at CN exaggerating her in for an RA I got another repeat Kathy okay. All right would you rather have to hear let it go. From frozen every time you wanted to listening music and I'll always are you here on now or be forced to shoot a baby here. The that it. Meaning. Yeah. That he had. And I am. I'm. Okay well executed. No I definitely it's. Yeah yeah I mean does the budget dearly I mean it's airline at a and they. Thanks for you there you the very would you rather live in the world of Star Wars walls. Or find a cure for cancer. Well I'm pretty sure I live in the world is Star Wars I can find your answer I don't know it's going to be added Mary. Are you saving all those people at their children involved. Are you gonna MM manager dreaming are resilient. If not I'll get easily iPad. I know I'm going to Star Wars and I went to all the camps of people use the pole at. Now are saying they can't enter you vote. It's a gag our view capping an out of gangs and Connecticut and would you rather have to poop outside for the rest your lifetime or tell every single person you meet what you really think of them. So what is she gonna side and. The light so I just I'm like a soldier just rolled around that some very tin can in his shovel but yet at that number doesn't have never. Let's have it right every day as VOK okay I do in my backyard yet an end here later mr. prisons can be like. Leery when you die from would you rather have your credit card statement released or you Google's search history. Credit card information and fun act at that I come alive Sunnis arm hasn't and it. And and everyday regular a regular histories is gonna be like. Wayward coach Spain's see that actually I gave it up like that. Don't want that out and legs hurt him I served as editor that there be people need to know what to look for it at Saratoga on 720 I pull it out with were you 91075. Who's this. I Todd we got to would you rather for you okay. All right our game would you rather every time you far and American Eagle dies down or every time you have an orgasm you immediately throw up. Uh oh my. I'm happy about it I did not easy year for Canada we can drink and laugh about it. That would or even take taught you unit. Kills them a rare and endangered bald eagle are you vomiting every time you have the big show. I adapted and fortunately take one lap body don't know where. Yet every time you've car will die just so trying to eat a lot of being. Let. And I hear about and that's. Broke through in the red. Rain at every day of the do you bags are easily comment. I looked and I do and you buy he has won 75 loses. Out. OK here we go we got to would you rather for you. Would you rather every time you get drunk your grandma against diarrhea. Or every time we do drugs your eyebrows falloff. Our man. My. Carter Ronald. Getting drunk pilot well I mean girls do loggers things with like eyebrow pencil notes of naked from that you have right every night you know I used mass care for journey these eyebrows rise in the new year grounds and the. And. Right on that think the talk. I guess sort of somebody who's this. Great state to at a would you rather for you okay you ready Korea. Would you rather laugh. Any Chinese see someone cry or would you rather cry everytime he's not someone laughed. They're there. I'm well okay well probably have to do the latter because of their enemy. In an on how optical Diane. So yeah every time south summary lap you drive because it does mean Lou the other way around so easy somebody trying to and you start laughing. Yeah that's keeping me out he can never eat at any funeral hate hit attitude. That way that in owner Bud Light people who are made about not believe it which I cannot wrap my mom act. Number it'd be member of that club that mechanical lady lake and yet it. Yeah yeah. I run on this call. I'll I don't have a go away by. I RA Larry would you rather soundly jar jar banks for the rest of your life for Siri. Oh my god series nobody wants is selling turgeon editor is like you would need to get through the first team customers are right and nerds who kick your ass all day. Oh. 07. According to.