Wednesday, March 29th


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And you don't show here. Andre had to cancel the show yesterday in Amsterdam lives. Boone who lazy days though it's been reported at Drake had sushi yeah. Come Monday any sort his stomach although waive her. It was so bad he obviously had to go to the house then oh. Mom and even after visiting the hospital he still was in good to go on save sell somebody from the concert being you've got on this behave. And that could form the crowd Andre he's safe and they started throwing stuff that her. And if there was me Elena grab that microphone anyway. First Internet audiences are what they do but I. But I guess he should be back another run and I can't eat sushi everywhere and I tell you this all the time like I love sushi. I'm not wanting him today and you know they're busy you let go even taken leave stick would put this in CLC said MS did a delayed. And that river is bigger news you don't go to Amsterdam. Tommy there's Susie. Well maybe the maybe Datsyuk I. Ability Manny maybe ninety lane. He's that kind of postpone this show later on this we believe zone. I drip we wish him well.