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Wednesday, March 29th


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You need to know. And on the show here I think he. All right so Lamar Odom is opening up to us weekly magazine about his drug use Chloe card deck CNN if it's nice in Vegas brothel now. Lamar open up for the first time name wise so loud every night I gotta go do this is engineering here. Jesus crew risk Dell our I as I was saying don't. The first time Floyd guard NIC caught him doing cocaine he says that was in the main case. She had made for me anti copying she was very disappointing suicide. She knew I was doing cocaine the whole time that did that. It was my drug of choice I'm not wanna say she accepted it because that would be the wrong word tolerating a we'll be a better word also about the women. That came out of the world what do words. When he became a card ASEAN plays as if there is one thing I regret when I was married it was having multiple affairs with the for women. That wasn't the stand up thing to do I wish I could have kept. Mike dean. And it biggest modern of their daily deal means in. Paints the article is fascinating it's also my bed god crazy night. Tom in Las Vegas it's out about it is that kids keeping them so where top post article up I. Made a little bit on canceled as a drive dot com coming up next how are what is slowly tied him glad Simon over them coal burning Dan doubt more coming up free.