Dispensary- 4/18/17- Drake kdot.mp3

Tuesday, April 18th


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Many info you need to know. And you don't show here right in your kids. At some of bodies break into his house. And still ten dollars more than soda if need you Wired News bad Nancy is right. I'm afraid began selling the items like really bad home back enable third. Odds in their view on the house and Davis discovered a 24 year old woman. Oh never come. I'm never amazing thing in there which she did and obviously I can't see admitted this daily none have these bright and easy dramatic great south now I'm. How well how policy within the house there was and there are no signs of forced entry is he was arrested and charged with a felony burglary. Well I mean. Ten dollars and then drink honey she's still broke in my alarm system they got going on over there it's straight here my one of the richest people in the are one of the richest people in the world he enjoyed the film my alarm that works anyway candid remarks about the current is their number one. On the billboard albums chart when dale. 4155. Units in the first week what do you famous songs I love the whole entire alma I would do it every day start to. This injury is then did coming of age forty more are around this century AD tonight is going out.