Dispensary - 4/17/17- Carmelo & LaLa.mp3

Monday, April 17th


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Yeah. How can scare me this band series 107 I. And if you need to know and you don't show your right eight. Honestly don't know it's about this like I. Honestly truly have no words like I'm sick. Home business early today in a come across the wires can comes across the wire and then. Don't give me a lot alike in many have separated. Them like yeah this can be zoo. Within a week of each other first Danny Jackson that was Simon now Carmelo in and and like the last overall us. I anyway source close sources that doubt can be dead out lie alive Carmelo I have are living separately say allowable data can be home last week. And encourages her own place in New York City now the idea and he's saying that the cowboys had many ups and downs in the vast. But Carmelo has been plagued by stray dogs now we remember Joseph Jackson fans Carmelo Anthony is a player. Dell will be better off somewhere else this is about a week good to go member at that press conference. So that's Libya allegedly was chicken of the marriage and shaken Carmelo two and a bad way. Horrible mayor why Indy what dawn on. In this water may soon. Nobody has fit together well there's no hope for me coming up next hour plus movie does well and other major record at the box office this week you know what rapper bought 8000 dollars worth the pop flies a good tell us on and more coming up may forty.