Dispensary - 3/15/17 - Meek Mill .mp3

Wednesday, March 15th


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Scare me this band Perry can't close seven. Again you need to know. And you don't show your rights he. Male face another Dell today he was. I'm Elaine I'm Benny Hill because it's like he's. I've ever gets here. At this point he's on the big dogs and he with a new Saint Louis earlier today. And then he was charged with assault after an airport employee of the Saint Louis international airport was sounding name or photo. Now she wanted to sell he or she wanted to Selby was made me whether laminated. Good to begin to our. Argue airport police were called. I'll meet along with Stewart airport employees that would charged with a misdemeanor that's. How many were given a summons to appear in all four. Mommy cinema rest Tommy hits also probation for a weapons in drug conviction. So they say that this could be a violation Monday. Have you somebody wants big big jam your answer might go here you know me do I mail even money over the past two years. We have free CNN day. Some fans you know linger and around who won a big photo showed little lax I feel on. Are you next hour we get more dispensaries. Major green move is. Early in the words I'll tell you they want to stock and every blue surprise me let you know coming up tonight eight foot instead dispensary.