You know you are a parent when you look forward to the poo!

I think there is something wrong with me. I find myself celebrating when Avery Poos. LOL. Seriously. Mr. Efficient and I will text each other when she poos. "Poo at 7:30! etc." We even make sure the babysitter tells us if and when she does it. It's nasty to clean up but it's worth it. The doctor said that you want the baby to poo and pee because it means that all the plumbing and parts are working properly and most importantly, she is growing. :) Thank goodness she only poos once a day right now and she usually tells us IMMEDIATELY so we haven't had any oozing out of the diaper explosions! Avery DOES NOT like her diaper being wet and she especially doesn't like it being full. As soon as she goes #1, she starts alerting the help. LOL. "I'm wet. Yuk! Get me out of this diaper!" She actually stops crying as soon as you lay her down to change her. That seems to be the biggest stress in her world right now. It's really funny to watch. People tell me that she should be an easy baby to potty train because she hates to be wet. I'm looking forward to it. Can I start tomorrow? LOL. I keep waiting for things to get worse and for the poos to get bigger and more frequent but for now....2 months in....I am still happy when she poos and that is so crazy to hear me say. FOR NOW. :) - Kathie J