Warning! 2 Month Check Up Means SHOTS!

Avery went and had her 2 month Check up yesterday! She has grown 2 inches and gained a little over 4 pds! The doc said that I could give her some water in a bottle in between her feedings now. Water does a body good.:) I wasn't aware there was a check list as to how babies should develop. For instance...do her hands lay flat now and not grip as much? Yes. Does she smile and interact with people? Yes. Does she move her eyes and follow you or the dogs in a room? Yes. Does she move her head to follow a noise? Yes. Does she straighten out her legs? Yes. Wow! In the blink of an eye..she is already conquering so much that I wasn't aware of. I did need to know how I get her to sleep through the night? LOL. When does that time come? I'm ready! Unlike some parents..I have NO Problem taking advice from people that have successfully mastered sleep training. Doc said we are about a month away from it! LOL. And FINALLY....THE SHOTS CAME. I had no idea that it would be "shots day." I should've expected it. Avery got 3 shots in the legs. The nurse commented that not only did Avery take it like a champ but so did us "first time" parents. She said some first time parents cry with the kid or have to leave the room. I'm glad that wasn't us. 1 of the shots had the side effects of a sore leg and a possible fever and sure enough...Avery got both of them last night. The poor baby. For the first time since Avery was born, she was inconsolable. Nothing worked. Not changing her, feeding her, singing to her or holding her could get her to stop crying. I even had to check her temperature and yes, I had to stick the thermometer in that place. Poor thing. It is so sad and frustrating when you can't help them feel better. So I tried to console and she tried to calm down. there is the universal Owners Manual on babies that the doc gave and then there is the personal owners manual that moms and dads write. My chapter on shots is, "Hope for the best but have the Children's Tylenol and ear plugs on standby. :) -Kathie j