Welcome to my boobs....they are no longer, "The Girls", they are "dinner and dessert"

Ah...the pros and cons of Breastfeeding. I took my Breastfeeding class last night at Swedish Medical Center and learned a lot and grossed out about a lot too. LOL. The girl next to me in class leaned over at one point and said, "This is disgusting." I told her I couldn't agree more and appreciated her honesty. There are plenty of women on this baby journey with me that are keeping it real with me and not coating it with roses and happiness. To all of you, I say, "THANK YOU!" I was always told that my boobs were big enough to feed a nursery...we will soon see. LOL. Okay...so the Pros-you can save about $2000 for the year by breastfeeding and NOT going on Formula. It helps you burn calories and lose weight. It is packed with antibodies that help the baby stay healthy and get the right head start. It's natural and even decreases the mother's risk of getting ovarian, cervical & breast cancers. Cons - some breasts just don't produce milk after a while and to me, the biggest con is that you have to milk yourself every few hours whether its through a pump or the baby to keep the milk flowing. My plan is this, if "the Girls" produce...I will use it. BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE GOING BACK TO WORK THING IS TRULY GONNA GO DOWN?!?! I plan on going back to work after the 3rd or 4th week. Ladies...how did you go back to work and keep the baby on breast milk? So many women go back to work so I know this has successfully been done and can be done. I just need to hear the tricks from all of you. You have gotten me this far! Tell me how you made it through. It's stressing me out! :) AUGH! My "fun bags" are now, "Dinner and Dessert." I miss them already.