Daddy Boot Camp

My husband learned about something call, "The Witching Hour" at New Dad Boot Camp!

So over the weekend my husband went to New Dad Boot Camp at Swedish Medical Center and I think something clicked. Mr. Efficient has been a supportive and good "baby making partner" for the past 8 months but there have been times where I found myself saying, "he just doesn't get it." As I have said before, this is the first baby for either of us. Swedish Medical Center offers lots of baby classes like CPR and Baby 101. They also offer, "New Dad Boot Camp." I wasn't sure if he really needed to go to it but from the moment he got home after it, I felt and saw a difference in him. He wouldn't tell me what the New Dads-to-be learned or talked about, but it made a difference. He said things like, "Did you know that men hold the baby in a multiple of different ways whereas a female only does about 3? I think I might have a plan for the sleeping/feeding/working schedule." I tried to catch a sneak at his class handbook and all I saw was, "The Witching Hour"! LOL! I am dying to know what that means but I think I can figure it out. He got support on what is to come from other men - no women involved. He gained more confidence and it felt like he was able to see where his Skills could really be helpful in what is to come. 50-50. ANOTHER AWESOME THING...he has been showing me TLC in a different way all of a sudden. I can't explain it but it's working. Whatever they told him to do to make me feel better is working....and it couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you New Dad Boot Camp at Swedish. I will never know the secrets you men shared but it worked on my husband and our family. Thank you. <3 :)