Avery Loves Her Massages!

Avery and I took an Infant Massage class at Swedish Medical Center and she is now putty in my hands.

Avery just loves her massages! Last week Avery and I went and took an infant Massage class at Swedish Medical Center. It was fun for both of us. We all love massages so it only makes sense that babies would too. Through massage and the class I really got to connect with Avery. Its a moment in a crazy world where nothing else matters but the 2 of us. I massage her little legs and arms and ankles and wrists and collarbone and I sing songs and talk to her and she feels awesome, is learning her senses and she is smiling non stop. :) The class teaches you the approach you should take with introducing the massage and the methods for massaging her. The instructor was awesome and there were 2 other moms and babies in the class with me. :) Tamara and her daughter   and Alex and her daughter Lilith. We got to know each other and then we started the massages. We put them on little pillows and the instructor grabbed her baby doll and then she showed us how to massage our babies. It worked too! Avery kept looking at me as if to say, "this is new....and I LIKE it. " :) The class wasn't too long and it worked with right my schedule. I massage Avery now at night before bed and I swear she is sleeping better. No one loves that more than mom and dad. :) From Daddy Boot Camp to Child Safety, the classes have been instrumental in helping us have all the tools we need to think we are good at this. Get more information on classes at www.swedishhospital.com  :)

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