Should I call the doctor? Naaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..........

OMG! I'm so sorry for the delay in my blog! The "Recovery" was longer than I had hoped. It had more surprises than the delivery! Women LOVE to tell you their horror stories about their recovery after having a baby. Some ladies had to hunker down and bite on a strip of leather the first time they had to use the restroom! That wasn't me thank goodness. There are so many variables to consider such as hormones and exhaustion. It blows my mind to know how many women have gone on this journey and survived.:) It really takes a toll on ya when it is happening. I am happy to say my recovery from having the baby was really good. I was walking as soon as my epidural wore off and I had no issues at all so I didn't even need pain medicine. :) I had no issues, that is, until 3 weeks later. It all started with lower pains and night sweats. I ignored the symptoms and just went along with the flow. I thought that maybe it was just lack of sleep and my body returning to normal after the baby. Ya know...hips and things moved for the baby so I thought it was all of that moving back into place. BOY WAS I WRONG. I kept ignoring the night sweats and chills thinking it was again, my hormones. After a week of that, I was tumbled over screaming in pain and couldn't move. My body had a 102 temperature. I went to the ER at Swedish Medical Center and they diagnosed me with an infection in my uterus. Yup...I'm sharing this because it was so severe that I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days! And then at home in bed for another 3. That's longer than when I had the baby! My body needed 4 different antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Swedish totally saved my life. No one knew I was there as Kathie J since I came in through the E.R. I was just like everyone else coming in and I still received the BEST care. I can't say enough good things about this hospital. And the food was just as yummy as I remembered from the delivery. I'm serious. Yummy food. We all tend to ignore the warning signs that our bodies give us about our health. Why do we do that? As I laid there that day waiting for Mr. Efficient to get home and take me to the ER, frozen in pain with a 102 temperature, Avery was laying next to me wondering why I couldn't pick her up. I couldn't have helped her if something went wrong because of the pain my body was in from the infection. I told myself, "NEVER AGAIN." So I made a promise to myself to always get the warning signs checked out. So now I am telling all of you to go and get checked out. Even if you are healthy now...we might not always join me Saturday Sept. 21st at Swedish Medical Center for the FREE EVENT! "An Enchanting Affair" will have free health info and screenings on everything like strokes, cancer, sleeping, dermatology, nutrition and more. AND ITS FREE. Mom's usually take care of themselves last. Why? We gotta stay healthy. This is FREE so there is no excuse to not come and get checked out. We deserve to be around to see these kids grow up. :) There will also be door prizes and a Grand Prize! Come join me beginning at 4pm. Thanks again to all of the staff that saved my life and made my recovery as easy as could be. -Kathie j

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