Why I chose Swedish Medical Center

"Well you're the one that wanted to get pregnant" was the response that my FIRST OBGYN gave me when I asked her if I could ride anything at Universal Studios on Spring Break with the KS Morning Show. I had no idea where to find an OBGYN when I got pregnant. So I took a referral from someone that had 3 kids and I went to see her OBGYN. FIRST OBGYN never smiled and spent about 5 minutes total with me during my visits. The other 10 minutes was with the aide that asked all the questions and took my vitals. As I have said before, I have no girlfriends or family that has really had any kids so I had A LOT of questions about the changes going on in my body with the pregnancy. I never got a hug and all the answers were so black and white that I would walk out of my appointments in tears wondering if she didn't like me. On the day that she told me, "I was the one that wanted to get pregnant," I had a list of questions for her like, "is it normal for me to get nosebleeds? What is happening in this part of my body that hurts so much? What can I do for this heartburn?" etc. I literally got one word answers like, "yeah. That's normal," with no real explanations. I was lost. No solutions for me...just one word answers with no empathy. I know she sees a lot of pregnant women but again, this was my first child. I asked my husband who was always there if it was me or was she just mean? He said she was just, "DIRECT." So I stayed with her until I was 4 months pregnant because I didn't know I had the right to leave. Other pregnant women told me to keep looking. That appointments should be longer than 15 minutes and all questions should be answered so that I feel secure and happy being pregnant. Not scared. I was relying on books to give me the information that she didn't want to share. So then I went to another hospital and they were nice but VERY BUSY! It took me 37 days to get my first appointment! Time is crucial when you are pregnant. But I waited. I went to them and realized I needed to keep looking. Then I found Women Caring 4 Women at Swedish Hospital. AND they have 2 midwives! Midwives really give you extra time and care. It's almost like having your mom or grandma with you every step of the way. My first meeting with the ladies at the office was heaven. It wasn't a cold doctors office like the hospital before and it was all women that smiled at you and I actually got hugs every time I went. They got all my paperwork and charts and ultrasounds and immediately took me under their wings to catch me up to speed with the progress of my baby. I didn't start connecting with my body or my baby until I started at this office. I felt alone up until then. It sucked to be honest. My first baby experience was almost ruined because some OBGYN was burnt out and treated me like a number instead of a journey. SO THAT"S WHY I CHOSE SWEDISH. Because they helped me enjoy my pregnancy and not be scared of what was around the corner. They took all the right tests and they cared. I am going to miss those ladies but if I ever get pregnant again, I know exactly where I am going. I suggest anyone else out there that is looking for an OBGYN/Midwife and amazing staff to head on over. They will make you love your journey the way it was meant to be. :) -Kathie J

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