Anytime now within the next 2 weeks is go time. Until then...I am just waiting and waddling

Baby J could be here any time within the next 2 weeks. Until that time, I am just waiting and waddling. LOL. I know that sounds silly but that is all I can tell people. Everyone asks you the same exact questions. When are you due? How are you feeling? Are you getting any rest? I hear it all day. My answer has become universal, "Doing good. Just waiting and waddling." I do feel like I waddle. LOL. Like a penguin with a smile and a dress on. LOL. I really haven't been grumpy or moody. Just uncomfortable every once in a while. I made an effort to keep my feet up for about 6 hours yesterday and it didn't make any difference. I still have the burning/swollen sensation in my legs and feet today. Sigh. Oh what a wonderful journey this pregnancy thing is. I keep telling other women..."why weren't you more honest about this pregnancy thing?!?" It's a lot for women to deal with. Most of us are soldiers and you would never know how much we are truly dealing with hour by hour, day by day for 10 MONTHS!?! It's crazy how much it affects everything from your hair to your walk. All I can do is smile and waddle along and try to get my feet up when I can. To all the pregnant ladies that came before me..."This waddles for you. :) " -Kathie J

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  1. LindsayI posted on 07/09/2013 01:54 PM
    Patiently, waddling and waiting while approaching the finish line with you (I'm due the 18th with my 2nd)...We're almost there!
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