She cheated and avioded this last painful month! Not fair!

Is it wrong that part of me is a little jealous that Kim K got to have her baby 5 weeks early? It seems that she and I are....I mean, WERE on the exact same pregnancy schedule. For me, aside from the usual fatigue, morning sickness, baby kicks, swollen feet and heartburn, it was a relatively easy pregnancy thank goodness. Haha - I can't believe I just said all of those things were "relatively good." LOL. :) But, I have heard from some women who had NIGHTMARE pregnancies so I am counting my blessings so matter how small. Kim K apparently had more pain than the average woman...or does she just have a low pain tolerance? (I always wondered. Hmmm???) Regardless, she is done. They say that the last month of your pregnancy is the hardest and they aren't joking. Just when you think you have energy to do something, you don't. This past weekend I slept so much you would've thought that I was a hibernating bear! When I catch my reflection ANYWHERE I find myself saying, "DAAAAAMN!" and not in a good way. :) Of course, it is everyone's hope that any baby comes when they are cooked and ready. You don't want to have to pull them early if you don't have to. But as I go into the home stretch all I can think about is that she is done. For her that means round the clock help now between her family and her staff. Sigh. I bet she will be able to sleep. She is already posting pictures of the body that she can't wait to get back to and no doubt she will get there before anyone else. So there will be no more embarrassing pictures of Kim trying to make leather skirts cool for pregnant women or wearing high heels on swollen feet. Did she just have enough? There is nothing wrong with that. Like I said, I am a little jealous that she got to avoid this last month of fun. :) I'm happy she and baby girl are both healthy and okay. Now it is up to Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson and myself to finish the race. :) I hope we all end up with healthy babies regardless of how we reach the finish line. Congratulations Kim K and Baby K. -Kathie J and Baby J

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  1. Agebaby posted on 06/21/2013 02:09 PM
    I am jealous too....Due July 20th and we even have the same provider....anywho this is our home stretch and I can't wait to have me back. This is a long 10 months we give up and it definitely isn't easy, but there are that have it so much worse... like just getting their baby to survive in the womb so I am thankful that I have complicated free pregnancies. Maybe just maybe we will be at swedish together having our babies!!! Good luck Kathy and if ANYONE knows how you feel its me!! 36 weeks on saturday 30 days to go before my due date!! Yes I am counting down the days!!
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