Mr. Efficient keeps stealing my baby bump pillow!

A couple of weeks ago during my Pilates class at jdvpilates, the women were sharing their pregnancy stories with me and most of them brought up the fact that their men stole their "long pregnancy pillows" from them during the night. At the time I was proud to say that my husband, Mr. Efficient was incident free from stealing my baby pillow. (It's just an over-sized pillow that I use to help myself and my expanding pelvis get comfy during the night.) It's been crammed between my husband and I for the past 3 months in the bed. When I started using the pillow, my sweet husband jokingly said to me, "why are you putting a wedge between us?" LOL. I got a good laugh. Anyways, like I said, he has been very tolerant of the big pillow under the covers until late last week. I was hoping it was just a faze but it appears his body for some reason ALSO likes to cuddle on the long pillow. Sometimes I roll over or away from the pillow so I admit, it is left unattended at certain points throughout the night. But it's been okay because when I go to grab on the pillow, he has let go. UNTIL LAST NIGHT. On my 5th time to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the pillow disappeared on me. COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! I came back to the bed ready to get comfy and fall asleep for the last hour and poof! vanished! So I had to look on the ground...maybe it fell out of the bed when I got up? I couldn't find it. Eventually, I got in bed with the conclusion that I would find it in the morning, probably under one of the dogs. LOL. I put my arms over Mr. Efficient who was turned away from me and what do you know?!?! He was cuddling MY PILLOW! Just like that he stole it from me like a thief in the night! And there he was, sleeping like a little lamb all innocent! I tried to take it back but it quickly became a mess. It wasn't worth the trouble. The covers went everywhere, the dogs woke up and Mr. Efficient was in such a deep comfy sleep that I got one of those, "What is wrong with you!? What are you doing!?! responses." When I pointed out he had my pillow he huffed but quickly gave it back. Of course today he doesn't even remember it. But I do...oh I do...and tonight...I will have my eye on him. :) -Kathie J

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