Baby CPR class was last night. WOW! I'm gonna need help!

Last night was my last baby class at Swedish Medical Center. It was all about Keeping the Baby Safe. So Mr. Efficient and I learned baby CPR. Mr. Efficient was WAY to tough on the poor baby doll. At one point he thumped the baby on the back so hard I thought her head was going to fall off! But then when it was my turn to take the baby, I hit her head on the table and then dropped her. Oops! Haha...we definitely needed this class before the real baby gets here. We also learned about baby proofing the can go small or get carried away with it. It must become a never ending adventure for parents! I mean, I never thought that Cleaning solution also looked like apple juice. Or that Sudafed looks just like Red Hot candies. (My pregnant butt wanted Red Hots when we got out of class BTW) But we will learn as we go as most parents do. Then we had to learn about SIDS and NO BABY SHAKING. Some kids cry and cry and cry. OH NO! Mr. Efficient became very concerned because he knows I have little tolerance for crying kids. LOL...oh this should be fun. LOL. But the teacher said that I needed to just have people on reserve to call in when mommy needs a time out. So....I told Larry, Kendall and Producer Wignz this morning that if they get a call and my teeth are clenched as I try to talk to them, it's probably gonna be time to come give me a break. In all seriousness it was good to hear tricks that I can try (knowing they might not work) and the biggest lesson...I can put the baby down in her crib crying and walk away and re-group. They said to imagine a bowl of freshly made jello....then shake the bowl up. That is exactly what can happen to a little babies brain when someone shakes them. That is a visual that makes me so sad. It should never get to that point. It also made me very concerned about who will be watching my baby when I am not there. There is a lot to get prepared for. But I'm glad we took the class. We are all better off today than we were yesterday. Believe that. :) Oh yeah...and apparently I have to take the picture off the wall above the babies crib because eventually...she will stand up and probably knock it down on top of her. I didn't think about that. So now, not only is she redecorating my insides...she is also redecorating my house. :) Sigh. -Kathie J

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