We went to another ultrasound yesterday and found out she has a full head of hair!

Yesterday I had another ultrasound. We had to make sure that everything is good to go entering the 35th week! Wow....I never thought I would make it here. It's truly the home stretch. I guess that explains why everything's getting harder day by day for me. Mr. Efficient joined us (he has only missed one appointment this whole 9 months) and sang his silly songs and said his silly jokes during the ultrasound. Jennifer the tech was very patient with him. Lol. For those of you that have never been in an ultrasound appointment, its an appointment that all parents look forward to because you get to see your baby. You get to see how much they have grown and if they are on schedule with their growth. You also get to see their heart chambers and lungs,etc. Its crazy how detailed they can be. It's hard to figure out what's what sometimes but Jennifer points everything out. I can always see the features during the ultrasound but then I get home with the pictures and can't make anything out. Lol. Typical. So anyways, yesterday we learned that baby J is doing fine. She is at a good weight and has lots of hair. (Yes, Jennifer could see that in the ultrasound. Carazy!) So I was told to keep watching my blood pressure as we get in these last few weeks (I check it every night) and keep drinking lots of water. Everything was fine until we made the next appointment for the first of July and she said, "we will see you IF you haven't delivered by then!" HOLD UP!?!?! WHAT!?! It all became too real then. Omg...this is happening. Is it too late to back out? LOL! I could go at any time they said. WHAT?!? I'm not ready for this part! Just thinking about it makes me want to go check my blood pressure! LOL.

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