We went to Summer Jam 16 and had a blast!

I did it! After going back and forth all week I decided to go to SUMMER JAM 16! The boss said I didn't have to go. My husband said I didn't have to go. But Larry and Kendall said I had to go. haha..just kidding. We talked about it on the air with the listeners Friday morning. To be honest, last week was one of the hardest weeks so far in the pregnancy. I was busy every day and by the time Friday arrived, my feet were so swollen you would've thought I was Miss Piggy! Every year, Summer Jam gives me butterflies. I have to get my hair and make up done, make sure my nails are done and find an outfit with the right shoes. (Ladies understand this.) This year however, there was no energy to prepare. So I didn't think I would go. I was also very tired. But then we heard from the listeners, the women who were pregnant and went to concerts and had a great time. One listener said, "Just cause you are pregnant does not mean you are dead." Another listener pointed out that it was a great memory for her and the baby to have together and she felt great getting out of the house. So I decided to go. Even for a few hours. I did my best job with "the look" and headed out. Everyone was happy to see me which made me happy that I showed up. Being backstage isn't the same as being out in the audience. There is shade and seats and water and a close bathroom. :) That also helped make my decision easier. I felt fine but at one point Larry, Producer Wignz and I were hanging out on the side of the stage waiting to go on and introduce J Cole, (Who was so cute and sweet to me) and then the baby REALLY KICKED! There was a mixer on the stage and I guess being that close to the speakers was a little much for Miss THING. Wignz saw my eyes pop out of my head as she kicked me and he was right there to grab me and guide me away from the speakers to another area until we went onstage. (He will be a good baby daddy someday. :) Don't tell him I said that. ) But then we went onstage and said hi to everyone! Just feeling the energy from the crowd was worth every second. Our listeners are so nice and they are the best. By far the best. So once again ladies, I took your advice on this baby journey of mine and it was good advice. Now I have pictures of my pregnant bump not only at Summer Jam 16, but with artists like Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and J Cole. So thank you family. :) Thank you -Kathie J

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