Pregnancy Cravings

Women have so many to choose from

The, "What are you craving" question always seems to come up when talking to people about my pregnancy. I'm happy to say that it is fruit. I can demolish an orange or bowl of strawberries in 5 seconds. But I will also say cravings also seems to be what someone else talks about. For instance, if someone mentions brownies...I have to make some that day. The other day fellow listener,"Roxio's Ford" said she was craving watermelon and peanut butter. I wasn't craving those things...UNTIL she said it. So I had to have peanut butter and some watermelon last night. LOL! Larry mentioned a hamburger the other day and that's all I could think about until I could get one. LOL! So no, I don't have weird pregnancy cravings. I have mental pregnancy cravings. So someone mention a spinach salad with almonds and raspberry vinaigrette so I can switch it up healthy. :) Thanks!

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  1. TommyandChrissyQ posted on 05/31/2013 12:30 PM
    I have four kiddos. Each of them were different. My first was a boy and I craved everything healthy. Pizza, fries, burgers made me nauseated. I got so much crap for having first mommy syndrome. They thought I was intentionally eating well and not that I actually craved it. But there's nothing wrong with eating healthy, of course. My second was a girl and I craved everything greasy. I loved fried foods, pizza, chocolate.... Omg bad!! The third baby came 10 years later and was a boy. Same type of cravings as baby #1 plus sweets. I had tp have sweets after each meal. Mostly brownies. My last baby a girl I ate everything moderately but craved skittles. Oddly enough how I ate while pregnant is how they love to eat now.
  2. AmyB_1590 posted on 05/31/2013 10:32 PM
    Every time i wanted the sourest things.....atomic warheads, lemons, and tang.
    I feel for you!!!!
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