Do you think #12 has realized yet that Corner Pieces can't fit together?


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  2. gabriellas posted on 09/05/2014 12:49 AM
    replica gucci bags-What does this say about Fall 2014 fashion? Obviously, the numbers are disheartening. The fact that there were so few models of color used for any campaigns shows that although there are some designers who are happy to pay lip service to the industry's diversity issue, there are few who actually step up and feature nonwhite models in campaigns. Runway diversity improved a longchamp outlet paris paltry 1 percent from the Spring 2014 season (at least in New York), since Hardison & co. sent out those letters, and it appears that the Fall 2014 campaigns aren't doing too hot, either. Roughly 79 percent of the models used on the runways were white. For the latest campaigns, it hovers around 89 percent.

    longchamp outlet-Whether the exclusion is conscious or unconscious, the fact of the matter is that there simply needs to be more representation. Lots of times, casting directors attribute the lack of diversity to the fact that agencies don't have as many models of color available, but if Andreea can be cast in six campaigns, why not Joan, Liu, Binx or Issa? There is little excuse, really. We can only hope gucci outlet uk that looking at these cold, hard numbers will inspire designers and casting directors to be a little more conscious of who they're choosing for campaigns in the future. There simply needs to be more diversity - period. Fashion is a global industry and there are beautiful, tall, skinny (body diversity is another issue, but we won't go there) women of all races and nationalities all around the world. Model scouts: You can find them. Casting directors: You can book them. Designers: You need to demand them.
  3. skyouts posted on 11/08/2014 02:57 AM
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