Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who wastes the most time of them all?

Researchers have found that the average woman spends a whopping five days a year peering at herself in the mirror, the Daily Mail reports. That's 120 hours a year, for those of you who are not mathematically inclined.

And nothing comes between a woman and her makeup. Almost 40 percent said that they wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without applying cosmetics, and 19 percent would rather spend less on food than trim their beauty budget. So you might be hungry, but your brows sure look defined!

Women spend an average of $1034.24 a year on cosmetics, more than $68,000 in a lifetime, and 53 percent say that the recession has had little effect on their beauty budget, according to QVC Beauty, which interviewed 1,000 British women for the survey.

We're always careful to dab on a little concealer and lipstick before we go out, but in the end, few people can ever tell that we're even wearing makeup. Guess that's the point, right? Via SodaHead.com

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