Trick Daddy has beef with Lil Wayne and he spoke on it to TMZ.

Here's how it all started. Lil Wayne went ballistic after a member of Trick’s posse allegedly flicked a cigarette in Wayne’s dreads at a Miami strip club. Trick Daddy isn’t copping to the alleged move.

Trick Daddy tells TMZ he’s open to a proposed sit-down with Lil Wayne to settle their feud … but what he’s actually doing is throwing gasoline on the fire.

Trick Daddy went on to say “If I [wanted to start s**t with Lil Wayne] he would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure.” Trick is bitter claiming Weezy has gotten him blackballed from all the good strip clubs in Miami. Meanwhile, Birdman is trying and defuse the situation between the 2 feuding rappers by scheduling a sit-down.