We've heard a lot of gross stories about people smuggling drugs into jail. Usually they involve INSERTING something somewhere. But this might be the grossest one yet.

55-year-old Michael Jones has been serving time for a DUI at a jail outside Lexington, Kentucky. And last week, they let him out for one day to go to a funeral.

When he came back, the guards strip-searched him and didn't find anything. But what they didn't realize is that he'd soaked his UNDERWEAR in liquid methadone, which is normally used to wean people off heroin.

Then once he was locked up, he tore a few pieces off and gave them to his cellmate, 33-year-old Corey McQueary . . . who ATE THEM to get high.

We assume the guards wouldn't have let Michael bring in an extra pair of underwear . . . so yes, they were probably the ones he'd been WEARING. Which is just nasty. But to make things worse, Corey DIED . . . from an OVERDOSE after eating the underwear.

Now Michael is being charged with MURDER. He's also facing charges for distributing contraband, and possession of a controlled substance.

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