A new survey on Reddit.com asked people to name the NFL team they hate the most . . . then broke the results down by state. And it's really interesting . . . the rivalries are all over the place.

No surprise that the Raiders are most hated in Colorado...but also Wyoming and Kansas.

The Broncos are hated the most in Missouri...because of the Chiefs...but also Arkansas!

Mostly, states seem to focus on their legitimate division rivals. New York hates the Patriots. Most of New England hates the Jets. Louisiana hates the Falcons, Georgia hates the Saints. Illinois hates the Packers, Wisconsin hates the Bears.

There are a few good exceptions. Arizona hates the Steelers . . . who beat the Cardinals in their only Super Bowl appearance a few years back. Indiana hates the Patriots, thanks to Tom Brady constantly standing in the Colts' way.

And weirdly, Tennessee hates the Houston Texans. The Oilers left Houston a while back to become the Tennessee Titans . . . so I'm not sure why that made Tennessee angry at Houston . . . but for some reason, it did.

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