Remember last year when Lay's introduced experimental potato chip flavors, and people could vote for the best one? They did cheesy garlic bread, Sriracha, and chicken and waffles . . . and cheesy garlic bread won.

They've got a new round of experimental flavors this year . . . and these are WAY weirder.

Lay's just announced they'll be rolling out four new flavors for people to buy, try, and vote on: Cheddar bacon mac and cheese . . . wasabi ginger . . . mango salsa . . . and cappuccino.

The strangest flavor of the group HAS to be the cappuccino . . . but if you've ever wondered what a coffee-flavored potato chip tastes like, now you can find out.

Lay's hasn't made any promises about any of these flavors becoming permanent options . . . but I guess if one sells enough, it could.

You can start voting for the best flavor on their website soon . . . the contest runs through the middle of October.

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