If you see someone walking around outside your office with a gun in this day and age, you call the cops. Even if it's a gun that's primarily designed to shoot at Han Solo and Luke Skywalker with virtually no accuracy.

27-year-old Chris Burns of Salina, Kansas has a new Twitter account for a character named Stormtrooper Sam . . . it's a parody account about a "Star Wars" stormtrooper who's sent to Earth after the Empire falls, and has trouble fitting in.

So he went out into town on Monday in a full stormtrooper outfit while a friend took photos of him for Twitter and short videos for Vine. And part of the stormtrooper costume was a fake plastic gun.

Well . . . the employees at a business called Action Travel saw the gun, panicked, and called the cops. The cops told them to go into LOCKDOWN . . . then swarmed Chris.

He was able to explain what he was doing and the cops let him go . . . but told him that walking around with a fake weapon can cause trouble.

Even with all this publicity, he's only up to 30 followers on Twitter.

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