If this next woman wanted to grab men's packages so badly, she probably could've just asked.

56-year-old Joann Elizabeth Wingate of South Middleton Township, Pennsylvania was arrested this weekend for posing as a doctor . . . so she could give men PHYSICALS in her house.

Joann was pretending to be a doctor from Philadelphia with the same last name . . . a psychiatrist named Barbara Wingate. Only Joann posted fliers at TRUCK STOPS offering to do the physicals that truckers need for their licenses.

The cops found out after one trucker got a physical from her and it felt off. She picked him up from the truck stop in an old blue Ford Tempo, and took him to her house to do the physical.

She charged him $65 and seemed very thorough . . . she even took a urine sample. But he just didn't feel right, so he called the cops.

They have two confirmed cases of Joann giving illegal physicals and think there could be dozens more. She's facing a ton of charges for felony forgery, fraud, and identity theft.

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