We're not exactly sure when parents decided to start giving their kids UNIQUE and ABSURD names . . . but it's definitely been in effect for at least a decade.

A new survey on a website called eBabyNames had people vote on the most BIZARRE baby names of the past 15 years. They're all actual names taken from the Social Security Administration's website. Here's the top 10 . . .

  1. Zzyzx. It's the name of a road off the interstate on the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

  2. Nimrod.

  3. Moo.

  4. Lucifer.

  5. Zamzam.

  6. Dzyre. (Uh Huh - Desire)

  7. Jealousy.

  8. Bush.

  9. Kyller. (yep, KILLER)

  10. Mc.

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