Getting pulled over SUCKS 99.9% of the time. But you've gotta remember that other point-one percent . . . unlike THIS woman.

Around 3:00 A.M. on Tuesday, a 30-year-old named Christina Hines stopped at a gas station in Casselberry, Florida, just north of Orlando. Then, while she was leaving, the cashier noticed she'd left $50 on the counter.

And he tried to catch her, but she drove off. Luckily a cop happened to be there, and he offered to handle it. So the cashier gave him the fifty bucks, and he sped off to catch up with her.

But when he turned on his lights to pull her over . . . she WOULDN'T, and turned it into a high-speed CHASE.

At some point, the cop ran Christina's plates and found out her license had been suspended. And when police eventually stopped her with a spike strip, it turned out she had hypodermic needles and HEROIN in the car.

She's now facing charges for drugs, paraphernalia, driving without a license, and resisting an officer. No word on whether she got the fifty bucks back.

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