A 40-year-old truck driver in China named Li Feng was recently driving behind another truck carrying timber, when both of them were involved in a huge pile-up.

Unfortunately for Li, the truck with the timber was carrying more than it should have . . . which caused several large tree branches to pop out and fly straight through Li's WINDSHIELD.

And Li ended up getting IMPALED by one of the branches . . . which was 18 feet long and about as thick as the big end of a BASEBALL BAT.

When paramedics found him, he was unconscious. And they had to cut his entire SEAT out of the truck, because the branch also pierced through THAT, and it was still stuck in him. There are some crazy photos of all this online, by the way.

According to his doctors, it damaged his stomach, spleen, and one of his lungs. But it missed his heart by a few INCHES, which is the only reason he's still alive.

They were able to remove it after about four hours of surgery. So as long as he doesn't develop an infection, he's expected to make a full recovery.

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