A guy named Julian screwed up three obvious answers in one episode of "Wheel of Fortune" the other night, and it cost him a shot at a million dollars and a new car. When he landed on the million-dollar spot, he guessed "L" and that was the ONLY letter left. All he had to do was READ the solution to the puzzle, right off the board. But he mispronounced the name "Achilles" and they didn't give it to him. (The answer was "Mythological Hero Achilles." Julian said "Ay-chill-ess," and apparently they decided he didn't know who Achilles was.)

Later in the episode, Julian had a chance to win a car, but he choked again. And this time it was almost as bad. The answer was "The World's Fastest Man." Every letter was showing except the "M" and the N" in "Man." Julian guessed the letter "C," because he was thinking about the car. ("Car" could not have been the answer, for two reasons. One, there was already an "R" showing on the board, so the last letter in the puzzle couldn't have been an "R." Two, the clue for the puzzle was "PERSON.")

Then at the end, Julian missed ANOTHER gimme puzzle. The answer was "On-the-Spot Decision," and all the letters were showing except for a few vowels. Julian guessed "On-the-Spot DICE SPIN," which makes absolutely no sense. (Again, the "E" and the "P" in "Dice Spin" were already on the board in other places. But there's no such thing as a dice spin, and also the last word was a single eight-letter word, not two four-letter words.)

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