This happened a few months ago, but the story just came out now. 66-year-old Kenneth Herold was at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas back in January, and started talking with 25-year-old Christina Lafave at one of the bars inside.

Like most of the fancy hotels in Vegas, the bar is absolutely INFESTED with ESCORTS looking for rich guys . . . and Christina was one of those pros. They ended up agreeing to go up to his room, where he'd pay for an EROTIC MASSAGE.

Christina gave Kenneth the massage, and also "performed" on him, but had him wear protection. Then she left. But a few hours later, he realized his $35,000 Rolex had disappeared, and called security.

The police tracked down Christina, but she said she hadn't stolen the watch . . . she said Kenneth was just mad that she'd made him use protection. But after more questioning, she confessed she'd stolen the Rolex.

And she'd stolen it by hiding it inside her most intimate area.

She's facing two felony charges for grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

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