If you're gonna LIE to get out of a ticket, at least make sure the cop can't figure out you're lying IMMEDIATELY.

Last Wednesday, a 67-year-old woman named Janet Chencinski got pulled over for talking on her cell phone in Deerfield, Illinois. (Just north of Chicago.)

But she told the cop she was talking to her mother, who was home having a HEART ATTACK.

It turns out there's a new law in Illinois that says you CAN talk on your phone while you're driving, as long as there's a medical emergency. So the cop let Janet go.

But then he decided to help OUT . . . by sending an AMBULANCE to the mom's house. And when they got there, they found out she was fine, and hadn't even TALKED to Janet that day.

So now instead of just getting a $75 ticket, she's facing charges for obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct. She turned herself in to police on Thursday, and she's due in court May 6th.

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