Stories like this . . . especially when there are PHOTOS . . . make me want to inspect every bite of food at a restaurant with a magnifying glass for the rest of my life.

On Tuesday afternoon, 31-year-old Robin Sandusky of Manhattan ordered a $6 kale salad at a restaurant called Guy and Gallard. And as she was eating it, she noticed something strange on her fork.

At first she thought it was a piece of asparagus, and was about to eat it . . . until she saw it had EYES and an ARM.

It turns out there was a SEVERED LIZARD HEAD . . . with one arm still attached . . . in her salad.

She took a photo and took the salad back, and the restaurant gave her a refund. But she's not planning on suing.

The manager of the restaurant says he has no idea how the lizard head got into the salad . . . or where the REST of the lizard's body is. Quote, "I've never heard of something like this. I've never even seen a lizard in New York."

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