If you thought YOUR Valentine's Day sucked, listen to this: A 48-year-old in Ocala, Florida named Lloyd Jackson picked up 47-year-old Tammy Hamilton for a date on Valentine's Day.

And apparently things went well, because she ended up spending the night at his place. But the next morning didn't go NEARLY as well. Because when he woke up, Tammy was gone . . . and so was his CAR.

So he had a friend drive him to Tammy's house. And sure enough, he saw her pull up in his Ford Explorer. Then she saw him and tried to drive off . . . but he reached in and grabbed the keys first. Then he called the cops.

When they got there, Tammy denied stealing the car . . . and tried to turn the tables by telling them Lloyd PAID her to sleep with him. It's not clear why she thought that was a good idea, since it would have meant SHE was also guilty of prostitution.

And it's not clear if it's even true. But we're guessing no, because she also accused him of RAPE, then later admitted that was a lie.

Tammy's now facing one count of grand theft auto, plus one count of lying to police.

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