A guy traveling through Heathrow Airport in London was recently stopped by security . . . because of a WOODY DOLL from the movie "Toy Story".

You remember 'Woody' . . . the cowboy voiced by Tom Hanks. Specifically, they were worried about the tiny plastic SIX-SHOOTER on the doll's belt.

The owner of the doll posted about it online, with a photo showing just how small the little gun is. He takes the doll with him when he travels, so he can take photos of it in different cities for his son.

And we can't emphasize enough how comically SMALL the gun is. It's MAYBE an inch-and-a-half long. If the guy actually tried to hijack a plane with it, you'd have to SQUINT to see what he was holding.

In the end, security gave the doll back, but CONFISCATED the gun. So far, officials at Heathrow are refusing to comment.

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