Toilet papering someone's house is about as harmless a prank as you can do . . . arguably even more harmless than the classic flaming bag of dog poop. Unless TP'ing a house goes wrong . . . and here, it went VERY wrong.

On Sunday night, someone TP'ed the Crausewell family's house in Dora, Alabama. (About half an hour northwest of Birmingham.)

So on Monday, Cheryl Crausewell and her son cleaned up the toilet paper on their house, yard, and the magnolia tree out front.

But they were having trouble getting it off the tree, so they thought it might be easier to set the toilet paper ON FIRE.

Unfortunately, the fire started spreading around the yard . . . spread to the PROPANE TANK on their grill, which also caught on fire . . . and that set their HOUSE on fire.

Fortunately everyone made it out of the house safely, and they have insurance . . . but the entire place burned to the ground. There's no word on who TP'ed their house.

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