On Saturday, a man in Pineville, Louisiana got a call from his alarm company that someone had broken into his house. So he called the cops, then rushed home.

He got there just in time to see the burglar running away. And while there wasn't anything particularly distinct about the burglar, there WAS something distinct about the burglar's accomplice.

That accomplice was . . . a small BLONDE CHIHUAHUA with a bright teal green collar.

Yes, this burglar had brought his pet Chihuahua along to the break-in. And it's what quickly led the cops to him.

As deputies searched the area, they spotted a blonde Chihuahua with a teal green collar in a yard about a mile away . . . and realized it couldn't have been a coincidence.

The burglar turned out to be 19-year-old Kyle Rabalais. He was arrested for the burglary . . . which was his TWENTIETH arrest in the past year.

We have his mugshot...but no shot of the dog.

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