Even though doctors are supposed to be smarter than us, and have way more education than us, they can still turn PSYCHO when it comes to relationships.

42-year-old Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher is the medical director at Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston. Her husband, 43-year-old Dr. Brandon Fisher, is a radiologist.

And he was either cheating on Angela with another radiologist, 35-year-old Dr. Marcelle Mallery, or Angela just thought he was. Either way, on Sunday, Angela EXPLODED.

She called Marcelle and told her she was a "whore", then threatened to, quote, "beat her [effing] ass" and "dislocate her vA-JAY-JAY."

Marcelle fled from her house with her kids, and Angela broke in by kicking in the doggy door. Then she wrote "WHORE" and "HOME WRECKER" on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick. She also left unused condoms on every stair in the house.

She was arrested and is facing misdemeanor harassment and trespassing charges.

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