On Thanksgiving, 22-year-old Johnny Love walked into a gas station in Miami Gardens, Florida, and pointed a gun at a cashier named David Paul-Lamour.

Now, David is about to be a father. So instead of being a hero, he just handed over the cash from the register, then actually offered to HELP Johnny by giving him a bag to put it in, and telling him to double-bag it so the bag didn't break.

Then once that was handled, David told Johnny that as long as he was robbing the place, he might as well take some BEER. Which Johnny thought was a BRILLIANT idea, so he took another bag and started filling it with bottles.

But what he didn't realize was that David had triggered a silent alarm, and his plan all along was to stall him until police got there. Still, Johnny had enough time to get away, and eventually made it out of the store.

But just when he did, the bag with all the beer RIPPED. And instead of running off with the cash, he started gathering up the bottles . . . which is exactly when cops arrived.

There's security footage online that shows him also dropping his GUN while he's leaving. And when he tried to run from police, he dropped the CASH. Luckily, they caught him and he's facing armed robbery charges.

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