Getting caught with your zipper down is usually just embarrassing. But on Monday, a guy in Florida got ARRESTED because of it . . . and not for the reason you're thinking.

A police officer in Boca Raton was keeping an eye on a parking lot outside a gym, because someone had recently broken into several cars. Which is when he spotted 27-year-old Antwan Mayes getting out of an SUV and looking in people's windows.

So the cop pulled him over, and noticed that his zipper was down. Then he saw an I.D. and several credit cards sticking OUT of the zipper.

It's not clear why Antwan didn't have the cards in his POCKETS, but he was probably trying to hide them in his underwear, because the cards were all STOLEN.

And when the cop checked the vehicle, he also found marijuana, several smartphones, jewelry, and even some MAIL, which was addressed to someone who had ALSO recently been robbed.

Antwan was charged with burglary, larceny, and drug possession. He's currently being held on $37,000 bail.

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