No one involved in this video comes out of it looking good . . . but for all of us who WEREN'T involved, it's HYPNOTIC to watch.

On Friday, a 20-year-old woman in Hong Kong named Chen caught her 23-year-old boyfriend, Chui, bringing ANOTHER WOMAN to his apartment. So she FLIPPED OUT . . . and the guy went into straight-up submissive mode.

Chen took him out onto a busy street . . . and Chui KNEELED in front of her while she SCREAMED at him and SLAPPED him. Meanwhile, the girl he brought to his apartment was standing there the entire time, silently.

Someone filmed the whole thing and put it on YouTube, and it's already gotten a ton of views.

At first, a crowd gathers and is curious what's going on. But the longer it goes on . . . and the longer Chui stays on his knees and takes slaps to the face . . . the more the crowd turns on Chen.

People call her UGLY, say Chui should dump her, and beg him to get off his knees.

The video cuts off before the police get there, but apparently Chen was arrested for assault and Chui was taken to the hospital.

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